Doula Meme reactions Part 2 – Ring of Fire Episode 12

“Doula Meme reactions Part 2”

Ring of Fire Episode 12!

In our second meme react episode Alex shares 4 doula and pregnancy themed memes for Emmy to react to!

Digressions include: gestational diabetes, Alex doesn’t know what a meme is, and what constitutes an intervention.

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Meet Alex:

Meet Emmy:

2:00 Alex doesn’t know what a meme is?

5:00 We talk about how we talk about interventions is important

9:30 What’s considered an induction and what’s not?

15:30 Cascade of interventions

22:00 Why and when are doulas essential?

26:00 We talk about the different reasons people are doulas

30:00 Alex talks about the issues she see with the doula industry

38:00 We talk about the controversial takes on Glucola

48:00 We talk about the difference between diabetes and gestational diabetes

55:00 We talk about how scary google can be for pregnant people

1:00:01 Emmy talks about neurodiverse doulas

1:00:08 We end by talking about postpartum doulas and hemorrhoids

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