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You want to be prepared?

These classes are here to make sure your journey ahead is made easier. Birth Wizards offer you the road map to VBAC and Gentle Cesarean through these courses.

You want to feel empowered?

Created by pulling knowledge from scientific studies, wisdom from prior experiences and truths of the realms. You will leave with a bag of tricks based in evidence to tackle those anxious thoughts and trials ahead.

You want to feel confident?

There’s a lot to navigate to a birth especially a path that is less traveled. Birth Wizards are ready to teach you all the ways in order for your journey to be easier.

Choose your path

Birth Wizard’s Gentle Cesarean


This unique 90 minute class allows you to explore what your birth will look like prior to the big day. You will get the opportunity to learn about sensations that happen during your birth and then all the options aka “Secret Menu” at your disposal.

Birth Wizard’s VBAC Course


4-hour course on EVERYTHING VBAC. You will travel back to the 1700’s and learn how to tackle your greatest obstacles. You will leave empowered to take on your greatest adventure of VBAC.

Birth Wizard’s Private VBAC Course


This 3 hour in-person class is for the scholar at heart. You will not only cover history, obstacles and alternative routes in case things don’t go to plan but also comfort measures and getting to everything magical in VBAC.

Choose your Guide….

These Birth Wizards have taken on various trials and tribulations to earn their titles. They have proven their worth in many battles. Each have their own unique flair and wisdom to share with you.

Expecting a Blessing

Blending the invaluable guidance you get outside of the delivery room from a doula with the expert knowledge of a childbirth educator.

Manifest Birth Services

She provides you with the information and support you need to manifest the birth of your dreams

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Birth Wizard’s VBAC Private Edition | 4 hr, $220 | (GMT-07:00) Arizona