What is the scope of a doula? – Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 4

“What is the scope of a doula?” Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 4!

We talk about what we thought our scopes would be when we first started birthwork versus what we believe they are now!

Digressions include: Talking trash about large doula organizations, and jokes about MLMS

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1:00 Intro the topic “What’s the scope of a doula?”
2:15 Doula work is born out of ancestral knowledge
3:30 VBAC Wizard training! And we’re currently offering advertising space, email us for inquiries!
8:00 What did we think the scope of a doula was when we first started in this work
10:00 Alex talks about training to be a doula with a birth center rather than a large organization
18:47 Alex talks about the warring information provided in doula trainings
25:00 Why is blame placed upon the birther rather than the system causing harm?
26:27 Why are clients hiring doulas?
29:00 What if you hire a doula who isn’t going to support you
30:00 Emmy is hopeful that as time goes on more and more doulas will begin to advocate for their clients
34:24 Emmy talks about how doulas are not medical providers, yet she sees medical advice being shared by doulas
42:00 Clients hire doulas for different reasons
48:00 Emmy talks about how doulas who being outside of advocacy often end up never pursuing it
49:30 Even with best case outcomes you can be traumatized from witnessing births
54:00 Birthing Advocacy is one of our favorite training organizations, and who you pick to train from is important
58:00 We need to be conscious of the people we are paying to become doulas

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