Should Doulas Be Licensed? – Ring of Fire Episode 11

“Should Doulas Be Licensed?”

Ring of Fire Episode 11!

Recently doula care has been approved for a pilot program for Tricare members, Alex and Emmy sit down to talk about how they feel about licensing doulas.

Digressions include: reading our listeners thoughts on the topic, what Alex thinks the true role of a doula is, Emmy is a true Hufflepuff, and Alex and Emmy finally disagree on a topic!

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Meet Alex:

Meet Emmy:

3:30 talking about tricare covering doulas and IBCLCS and details of what they are covering

1040 we read responses from our viewers, and instagram about their feelings about licensing of doulas

14:00 we talk about the “slippery slope” fallacy and how it applies to this idea

17:00 Alex talks about the role of a doula

19:00 Emmy talks about the role of the nuclear family and its effect on the rise in doulas

23:00 Emmy talks about the different professions operating outside of insurance

26:00 Alex talks about the issue she has with he large doula training organizations

32:00 We talk about if licensing would create “better” doulas

38:00 Would doulas running some type of governing board allow for more control

42:00 Alex talks about the history of midwifery being licensed

46:00 Emmy talks about the difference between hospitals in 2020 versus now

49:00 Alex talks about how the advocacy is the most important part of her job as a doula

50:00 We talk about the positive path we see for licensing

53:00 Emmy talks about the similarities between patient advocates and doulas

55:00 We talk about the importance of childbirth education

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