Homebirths & Doulas with Lyndsay King LM, CPM Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 2

“Homebirths and Doulas with Lyndsay King LM, CPM”

Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 2!

In the premiere of our second season we chat with Lyndsay King, a CPM located in Phoenix, AZ about doulas and home birth!

Digressions include: diversity in homebirth, geriatric uteruses, and how to reach out to your local midwives

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3:30 Lyndsay talks about her journey to becoming a CPM

12:00 The different paths to becoming a CPM

23:00 Advice on how to reach out to midwives as a birthworker

29:00 What does our community need from doulas?

38:00 Is there anything Lyndsay doesn’t like about doulas?

53:00 What can and can’t make you high risk for a home birth

1:01 Lyndsay’s advice to doulas seeking work in home birth settings

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